CPR HELP offers educational programs in First Aid and CPR

5 – 12 Year Old Children

CPR HELP strive to impart a sound knowledge of First Aid and CPR to give children the confidence and the ability to help others.  The CPR HELP’s educational program offers a safe and rewarding experience that is invaluable.

The children’s development will be enhanced through challenging discussions and hands on experiences. The CPR HELP program has been specifically designed with extensive research, statistics and development for children’s comprehension and understanding. 

This vital information needs to be communicated and understood which will give children valuable life skills. By educating all children this could save lives in their home environment and community. The more often CPR skills are taught the better they are retained.

The CPR HELP program offers children a fun and rewarding program consisting of music, role plays and hands on experience of the Recovery Position, manipulation of Manikins along with challenging verbal discussions to enhance the use of ‘000’ and their home details.

Minimum class size 16
Group discounts (contact us)

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