CPR HELP offers educational programs in First Aid and CPR

“It’s better to know it and not need it, than need it and not know it”

CPR HELP offers educational programs in First Aid and CPR.  Our programs are designed for the community and courses are catering for young children, adolescents & adults.  CPR HELP is associated with the Australian Resuscitation Council & is working in association with Taylormade First Aid Solutions RTO 31326.

The CPR HELP program will improve awareness and the use of the DRSABCD management.

CPR HELP contains vital information that needs to be communicated and understood. These skills need to be reinforced every year to strengthen cognitive skills and confidence.

By teaching these important skills, lives could be saved in the home environment and community. The more often CPR skills are taught the better they are retained. We believe educating our future will equip people with confidence and the ability to react in an emergency situation. The CPR HELP programs are age appropriate and cater for all ages.

CPR HELP aims to educate the community with the appropriate knowledge of the DRSABCD management:



Who is the most important person and why



Explanation of the COWS principle


end for Help

Call 000 for an ambulance or send someone to get help



How to clear and retain an open airway



Specific techniques on breaths



Precise instructions on how to deliver CPR with the use of manikins



Explanation of what a defibrillator is


Primary School

Primary School

High School

High School

Adult Courses

Adult Courses